Captika Standard Edition

$ 300.00 $ 200.00

Captika is a high quality document digitization and indexation platform that enables people and organizations to easily and intuitively manage the capture of digital documents.

Standard Edition:

  • Up to 10 customizable worksets.
  • Up to 500 images per batch.
  • 10 recognition templates.
  • Support, documentation and technical assistance.

*Price is in USD*



TWAIN Compatible: Unlike other image capture software, Captika recognizes any scanner with a TWAIN interface. Captika will continue working even if you change the scanner type because of its strict license control. Thanks to that, users are free to change their scanners for another from a different brand or bigger capacity without having to pay for new extra licenses. Once activated, Captika works with a wide range of scanners performing greatly in desktop as well as in production scanners.

Portable: Captika is a portable platform; therefore, it does not require installation or even a big infrastructure to run. The only requirement is a having a PC running with Windows XP (we recommend Windows 7, onwards) with Framework .NET 4.5 and Visual Basic PowerPack previously installed. Those last two elements are included in Captika’s distribution package.

Customizable: The platform has intuitive configuration and parametrization modules where you can create image capture “Worksets” , in other words, a set of configurations that will be applied to a batch of documents. With this option, you can create several worksets to cover the different needs of the company and of the users of the application.

User and Profile Management: You can log into the application with a LDAP integration. Additionally, the platform has its own log in method with two pre-set up user profiles: Admin and Scan.

Easy-to-use: With a clear and user-friendly interface, digitizers have no problems to learn to use the tool quickly. On the other hand, Admin users of the platform have assistance to configure worksets. Thanks to that, training costs can be reduced significantly.

Multilingual: The application is available in two languages: Spanish and English. The distribution package includes both versions. Users can choose the option they like when login into the platform.

CMIS Compatible: Captika allows to simultaneously release documents to several CMIS compatible repositories, such as Alfresco, Sharepoint, FileNet and OpenText, among others. This means that the same batch can be released to one or more destinations at the same time.

Asynchronous Release of Documents: Captika was designed to take the company’s processes to the top. You have the possibility to release batch asynchronously, so that they reach the final repositories in a “quiet” way. Captika’s architecture is what makes it an ideal solution for companies who want to capture information from multiple and diverse geographic regions.

Mass Document Digitization: Captika was developed to allow mass document digitization. For that reason, Captika shows an on line summary of the number of images processed , so that users can meet the company’s goals.

Mass Data Indexation: Captika provides the necessary tools to optimize mass data indexation: the application automatically zooms in on the information the user needs to enter; allows OCR data extraction; validates the information entered against databases, and presents a work item afterwards.

Automatic Document Recognition: Captika has a tool to automatically recognize forms according to their shape and other data (such as barcodes or OCR readings). With this function, all digitized documents can be identified and segmented before they enter their final repositories.

OCR Data Extraction: Captika uses a powerful OCR engine to automatically extract data from documents. The information can be validated during the scanning process so that you can ensure the data readings are correct. If the data does not pass the validation process, the error will be shown so that the user can manually enter the correct information, if necessary.

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